Like a lot of you out there, I have used a slew of different wired headsets over time.  Large names like Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and Motorola have all included headphones with their mobile devices either currently or in the past.  I have used headsets from all these carriers.  I can say, without the least shadow of a doubt, that the Amazon Premium Headphones (included with the Amazon Fire Phone, but also sold separately) are the very best to date.  Below I will tell you all the Pros, and I don’t have a single Con that I can list.

Fit:  These earbuds are ergonomically designed and fit perfectly into my ears.  Now, I know all ears are not the same so some of you may feel a bit different, but I haven’t had the first slip from mine.  I have worn these to workout in, do cardio in, mow the lawn, wash the car, and any sweat or moisture doesn’t seem to bother these the way it does some.  51Zs0Y+nydL._SL1000_

Build:  The cord itself is the flat no tangle cord.  So far, it has held true to its claim.  No tangles yet, although I am pretty easy on mine.  The play/pause/answer calls button is nice and large, very clicky, and feels very solid.  Same goes for the volume up and down.  The earbuds themselves, as I mentioned above, are ergonomically shaped from some very tough, glossy plastic.  They have the built in magnet that snaps the ends together, and help with the no tangle situation.

Sound:  Here is the meat of the article.  An item can be built solid, look good, and feel good, but if it doesn’t function the way it should then it is pointless.  I think Amazon has hit the mark exactly with these headphones.  I often am surprised at how I can pick up subtle audio differences that I didn’t know existed when listening from a bluetooth or car stereo.  Differences like slight background instruments or audio additions.  Amazon has also added surround sound to this headset.  Not only is there the normal mesh speaker grill in the front, but there is also a slot on the side, and a slot on the top.  It really does feel like you are sitting in a room surrounded by speakers.  Trust me, you will love it!

In conclusion, these have become my GO TO headphones.  I bought an extra pair just to keep on hand in case these get lost.  They really are that good!  When I am not listing to my Arespark Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, I have these loaded up and rolling!  Check them out for yourself at the link below, and leave me a comment if you are enjoying YOUR headphones!