For many of us Summer includes barbecue and grilling, spending time outdoors with the family, and a lot of time by the pool!  We enjoy spending as much time on our back deck as possible, swimming, relaxing, and watching the kids play.  So when we decided it was time to get a bluetooth speaker to enhance our fun outdoors by adding a little music, we started doing our research.

We had a few requirements that our speaker choice had to meet.  1. It had to be loud enough to be heard over kids, dogs, and the occasional weedeater. 2. It had to be waterproof as we are always in the pool! 3. It had to be durable because our kids are hard on things! 4. It had to be affordable.

After reading reviews, watching a few videos, and gathering all the info we could, we chose the Aerspark Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  I am going to do a review below, but here is a quick spoiler for you…. IT IS AWESOME!

The Good

Lets start by talking about the build quality.  This thing is very strong and durable!  It is build out of soft touch rubber and durable plastic.  All of the ports are sealed and it includes a carabiner (which we use as we hang it on a rail of our deck, but can be used for a backpack or anything!) for easy placement almost anywhere! You won’t have to worry if this speaker gets dropped on the wood, dropped in the water, or attached to the kids bike for a quick ride!

IMG_20150608_085957The battery life is around 12 hours, charges with a micro-usb (we just use our phone chargers) and pairs up seamlessly.  The speaker features volume control, play/pause control, skip tracks, and call/end function for speaker phone calls.

Sound volume and quality on this speaker is amazing!!  I am honestly astonished by how loud the speaker can get compared to it’s size.  We were out on the deck here recently and the neighbor started weedeating his yard.  My wife cranked up the volume on the speaker and we couldn’t even hear the weedeater anymore!  Surprisingly, this speaker also has a good amount of bass.

The PRICE THOUGH!!  This is the best part.  I have listed to speakers on display in a lot of stores, trying to find out which sounds best.  I would stack this one up against any of them!  Here is the kicker, the competition will cost you $150 for comparable sound. This speaker costs $39.99!!  Click the link below if you want to pick this up before they are out of stock!

Now the Bad

The bluetooth range is not as good as it could be.  I find that if you get the phone more than 10 feet away from the speaker it starts to skip a bit.  ThisIMG_20150608_085907 is not a dealbreaker though as we usually hang our speaker outside the kitchen window and keep our phones on the windowsill inside.  Works fine.


Bottom line…..You get a great sounding, rugged, waterproof, bluetooth speaker for $39.99!  This is one of the best deals I have ran across in a while.  Try it, you won’t regret it!