In this article I am going to attempt to explain why I have chosen the BlackBerry Passport as my primary device.  With there being so many options out there, and every day more are added, how does the BlackBerry Passport win out?  Below I will discuss why I chose it, and maybe this might help you in choosing your next phone.  Keep in mind, this review is after 1 month of use.  I am not paid by BlackBerry (although that would be nice) and am receiving no benefits for writing this article.  I bought my Passport full price, unlocked from Amazon (link will be below if you want to do the same).  So, with that out of the way, here we go!

Work Wide.  We are hearing this more and more often in reference to the BlackBerry Passport.  Why?  Obviously it is because of the giant square IMG_20150618_192030screen, which is a 4.5 inch (1440 x 1440) 453ppi.  Some people might say that a 4.5 inch screen isn’t that big.  Don’t forget that this 4.5 inch screen sits on top of a full 3 row qwerty keyboard!  Using a square screen instead of a rectangular screen gives you an advantage in reading texts, books, emails, news articles, and web browsing.  To put it plainly, you get more information on the screen without having to scroll up and down or side to side. The downside of this is that media such as videos and gaming don’t look as good as they are all mostly made for the landscape screen builds.  The 453ppi (compared to the iPhone 6 Plus which comes in at 401ppi) makes this screen the most stunning I have seen.  Every app, text, picture, email, all come through crystal clear!  There is absolutely no pixilation.

IMG_20150618_192126So what else is there to like about the Passport?  The keyboard.  The Passport has a full 3 row keyboard that can also become a 4 row keyboard with a virtual row appearing on the screen.  With the width of the Passport, the keys are rather large and easy to find, plus it gives off nice feedback when one is clicked! I find myself very rarely mistyping anything and autocorrect is never needed!  BONUS: The entire keyboard is also a track pad!  You heard that right, just glide your finger over the keyboard to scroll through websites, scroll up and down through emails or lists, or swipe your finger backward across the keys to backspace words!  It truly is one of the newest and coolest innovations I have seen.  You have to experience it to understand.  I also need to mention the shortcuts.  This is a benefit you can’t get anywhere else.  BlackBerry has included shortcut keys into the software.  Example, when reading and email, just hit the “R” key to reply, the “P” key to go to the previous email, the “N” key to go to the next email, etc.  This makes things so much faster!  There are many more shortcuts, you just need to use it!

Next is the battery.  This has a beast of a battery, 3,450mah! I consistently get 1 day and 15 hours of use out of this thing.  I am not talking about light use, but heavy use, using it without restraint as much as I want.  If you have lots of work to do and need a phone battery that can keep a charge all day and then some, this is the phone!  Don’t worry about dragging your power cord with you everywhere, you won’t need it!

The last thing I will mention, but certainly not the great thing about this phone, is the BlackBerry HUB.  The hub contains every email, message, chat, application notification, or any notification that you have on your phone!  You don’t need to go to Facebook to check Facebook messages, go to the IMG_20150618_192201email app to check your email, go to your texts to check texts, etc, they are all listed in the HUB!  Now, should you want to view just an individual account that’s easy!  Just swipe to the left and select that account.  Speaking of swipe, to access the hub from inside any app or from any screen, just swipe up and to the left on your screen!  Just like that you are in the HUB!  Amazing, fast, and the best messaging/notification center there is!

I encourage you to jump on YouTube and browse some of the videos, do a little research, and see exactly why a tech guy like me chose the Passport over all the other options!  If you like it, click the link below to go and buy it from Amazon like I did!  You might think it a bit pricey buying it unlocked from Amazon, but think about it in the long run.  This method saves you $150 – $200 over what you are going to pay buying it in contract with your provider.  I owe my provider nothing for my phone, it is mine free and clear.  Don’t let them hold that over you.

After reading, I hope you become a member of #TEAMBLACKBERRY as well!  If you have questions or comments, leave them below and I will answer them!