What’s up folks it’s D-Mal here with another everyday review! This isn’t one of my normal reviews, but someone asked me about a toner based printer, and if there was one I would recommend.  I looked at a few options and decided to purchase two to test. I tested a Dell Monochrome Printer verses a Brother Monochrome Printer.

Speed: (Winner: Dell)91GWlPe5EQL._SL1500_

The Dell is a much faster monochrome printer, printing  at 40 ppm.  It prints in a 1200 x 1200 with no waiting as the 800mhz processor and 256MB of onboard memory enable fast data processing.

Versatility: (Winner: Brother)

The Brother Printer is a good printer for someone who needs a fax, scanner, and copier all-in-one.  While it prints slower than the Dell, it still prints a respectable 32ppm.  It also adds convenience as it also serves as a walk up copier.  The Brother is wireless and offers several cloud printing options like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and One Note.

Productivity: (Tie)

The Dell Monochrome prints double sided with the option to 71DbpGlrkIL._SL1500_increase the paper tray size from the standard 250 sheets to 500 sheets. Combine this
with 40ppm and you can get some serious printing done! The Brother will hold a max of 250 sheets, but is no slouch at 32ppm while also offering the ability to cloud print, copy, and scan documents when you need to digitize something.


The Dell is what you want if you run a small business, and are constantly printing. The Dell does not come with a wireless card, but works just fine on a network. As a networked printer you have easy access from any computer on your network to see the printer. The printer also prints double sided with the option to increase the paper tray size from the standard 250 to 500 sheets. So for my tech people the main question I was asked was about the ability to use a mobile app to print. Yes you can! You can download the Dell mobile print app and print easy to this printer. For my iPhone users of the printer is networked correctly you can print to the printer using AirPrint. I have not found anything that I dislike about this printer. My only regret is this only monochrome prints.  If you are always printing something and needing documents printed fast, for the price -I suggest you go with the Dell. The Brother has a cheaper price point (cheaper by $20), but the Dell has a more quality build.  This printer does not use a lot of toner, especially if you turn on the Eco mode.  The drum capacity is great on this printer, and is minimal in its maintenance.

Grab either of these printers from the link below and upgrade your home, office, or business equipment. Very minimum cost on both of these printers, so you can’t go wrong! It’s your boy D-Mal with another everyday review. Follow Us on Instagram, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and Subscribe to us on YouTube at Six10_Creative and d_mallow

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Buy the Dell B2360DN Monochrome Printer HERE

Buy the Brother HL-L2380DW Monochrome Printer HERE