IMG_20140826_102232First off let me say that this is not another hardware or software overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.  Should you want to see an unboxing, hardware overview, software overview, etc., just do a quick YouTube search and you will find your fill of videos and reviews.

Instead, my intentions for this article are to express to you my experience, give my opinion on its performance, and discuss how closely this tablet fits my lifestyle.  It may also be beneficial to know that I have had vast experience with many different tablets on each Android, IOS, and Windows platforms.  I will reference some of these other tablets, but this is in no way a comparison article.


As many of you already know, this tablet is huge, 12.2 inches!  Trust me, you can easily tell the difference in real estate when compared to a 10 inch tablet.  I think this feature was what ultimately led me to choosing this tablet as my daily driver.  Again, I’m not going to talk technical specs, but viewing on this device is much more comfortable than on previous devices I have tested.  Here is why.  Just because the screen is bigger, doesn’t mean you can fit more icons, more text, more anything else in the space.  It basically enlarges and maximizes what you normally had.  The icon grid (speaking only of stock TouchWiz) isn’t any bigger, but the icons are.  So reading for example, is much easier and more comfortable on the eyes.

ScreensAs you can see above, the grids are basically the same.  So imagine, everything is the same except bigger on the Pro 12.2.  I know you are going to have some specs gurus comment on here about PPI and clarity, but really, I have used both and I don’t see that much of a difference in sharpness or clarity on the big screen.

As owner of Six10 Web Design, I am constantly meeting with clients to discuss and review progress on their site builds.  This tablet is fantastic for this!  Although some reviewers say this tablet feels heavy, I disagree. It does weigh 7 ounces more than the Note 10.1 and 10 ounces more than the Apple iPad Air, but think about it for a second.  It has a bigger screen and a bigger battery than both, and we all know that with bigger comes heavier.  To me, it is a very acceptable sacrifice.  Reaching this device across a lunch table, or passing it back and forth between a cup of coffee, is very comfortable.  The screen is so big and clear that clients can easily review and critique my work.

So for me, the screen size of the Note Pro 12.2 is perfect.



This is the primary reason why, in my opinion, the Galaxy Note line always wins out.  SNOTE on the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is no exception.  Although the enjoyment of writing on the original Note 10.1 and the Note 10.1 2014 wasn’t lacking, the Pro 12.2 takes it a step beyond.  On the 10 inch screens you were writing on a size that was slightly smaller than your regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  With the Pro 12.2, it is almost an identical experience to writing on a sheet of paper.

I have been trying for years to come up with a solution to operate paperless.  This device gets me closer than ever to that goal.  Note taking, sketching, editing, and document signing have never been easier.  Once finished with your notes, its easy to either export them as PDF or Share them as PDF.  Tip: Scan all of your most frequently used forms and email them to yourself as PDF.  Start a folder in SNOTE for all of your forms.  Instead of filling it out, simply Copy it and fill it out.  That way you have a library of blank copies anytime you need them.  Pair that with DropSync (which I will be reviewing later) and you have a perfect, paperless filling and library system.

The SPEN is smooth and precise.  The pressure sensitivity isn’t as good as some other pens out there, but it is no slouch.  I have 2 extras just in case I lose one, but I have never lost one!

Over all, the SNOTE system will get you closer to having a full portfolio, library, and unlimited notebooks all with you, all quickly accessed and shared.  This is ideal for a mobile professional!


KeyboardSamsung has really outdone themselves with the new on screen keyboard.  The size is very close to an actual keyboard (due to the 12.2 inch size) and they have included a lot of the normal keyboard shortcuts through multi-touch (ctrl+C, etc.).  If you wanted to use only the on screen keyboard, you would not be disappointed!  Not to mention the sound effects are almost as soothing as the actual key clicks of a keyboard.

All that being said, there are also a plethora of keyboard accessories out there ranging from OEM Samsung, Zagg, and my favorite Logitech (will do a separate review of this product, stay tuned).  These are all pretty pricey, running between $100-$125, but they give your Note Pro 12.2 more of a Notebook feel.  However, if you don’t want to drop another $100 after already spending between $750-$850 on a new Note Pro, the onscreen keyboard will perform like a champ!


After the above comments, it is easy to see how the Note Pro 12.2 could be a great productivity tool.  However, Samsung took it a step further and providedOffice extra rewards for Pro 12.2 owners.  Included you get the full Hancom Office Suite.  I am not going to try and compare Hancom Office to Microsoft Office (not here anyway, I may do a review of the comparison later), but knowing that Hancom is a mobile office alternative, it is pretty comprehensive!  When you buy the Surface Pro, you still have to purchase office whereas when you buy a Note Pro 12.2, you get full Hancom Office free!

To my surprise, Samsung also included $25 free in the Google Play Store!  This is a fantastic incentive as you can use this to buy productivity apps, media apps, music, games, movies, books, etc!

There are also several other extras such as Magazine UI, Free trial of NYTimes, extra Dropbox storage, and more!  Samsung really does want to reward you for trusting in their products.

To wrap up productivity, let’s just that although this tablet may not be able to replace your laptop if you run intense windows or mac based programs, it can replace most of your day to day with a lightweight, powerful tablet.  I use mine for 80% of my daily work with no compromise at all.


For me, there is no doubt that the ideal tablet at this point in time for my lifestyle is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.  Having used the iPad, the Surface Pro, multiple android tablets including Note 10.1, they all fell short in some aspects.  The iPad severely lacked in handwriting and handwritten notes, plus there was little to no customization.  The Surface Pro had decent handwriting through OneNote but was lacking severely on apps!  The Note 10.1 2014 was almost perfect, having great handwritten notes through SNOTE, and the second best APP store through Android.  The Note Pro 12.2 took the cake bringing almost the same specs of the 10.1 2014 to the table, then adding a larger display and some pro apps.

Again, this is all just my opinion based on my experiences and my style of use.  Having the ability to make my own handwritten notes, fill out all my forms, and easily share them as PDFs is invaluable to me.  My Pro 12.2 basically became my notebooks and filing cabinet all in one.  This, for me, is the best method to date for becoming truly paperless.

I welcome your comments below and will respond to them the best I can.  If you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear it!