It isn’t very often that I am blown away by a device, especially a device below $30.  Now don’t get me wrong, I DO shop for low cost devices hoping to IMG_20150721_210814be surprised, but more often than not I get what I paid for.  So it was when I was shopping for a low budget stereo Bluetooth headset.  I knew how rough I was going to be on it (going to the gym, mowing the lawn, working outside), so I didn’t want to spend a fortune just to beat the thing up.

Let me also mention that this is what we call a REAL REVIEW, which you may have heard several times in the tech review circle.  This means that I have purchased this product myself and that I have USED the product for an extended amount of time.  Wait, let me switch that up a little.  This review will be a VERY REAL REVIEW as I have used this particular product for 2 and a half years!  YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!  I received this product Christmas of 2012.  Let’s dive into it.

I am not going to give you the specs of my model as mine is last generation.  I will post a link to mine and the new model below so you can decide (especially after I mention the price) which one you want.  Let’s start by saying that the Kinivo BTH220 are over the ear headphones and they are very comfortable!  I can wear them for more than an hour in the gym and forget they are even there.  They have a ring of padding IMG_20150721_210830around the inside that is very soft (and durable as I have no tears whatsoever).

The Kinivo BTH220 are built out of a tough plastic that has held up to the most extreme of circumstances (in daily use, not any dramatic tests).  These have been dropped more times than I can count, sat on, rained on, thrown in bags, and left in the sun.  YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!  The only damage I see on these headphones is the paint has peeled on the controls and the screws at the folds have rusted.  Keep in mind though, this is after 2 and a half years! The controls are large and easy to use and consist of Power/Phone Answer and End, volume up and down, and skip track forward and backward.  The only other IMG_20150721_213139feature is a covered Mini USB port.  The last thing I will say about the build is that it conveniently folds and can be stored with the included carrying pouch.

Now to my favorite part (well second favorite if you count the price, which I will list next), THE BATTERY!!!  The Kinivo BTH220 boasts 8 hours of continuous talk time or music play and 150 hours of standby time!  This is very accurate!  I have charged these up at the beginning of the week and went the entire week (5 days at the gym for more than an hour, phone calls at work, working outside, etc.) and not have to charge again until the end of the weekend.  This headset is a HOSS!!

Now to the price… I paid $35 for the Kinivo BTH220 two and a half years ago.  You can buy this exact model for $13.99!!!  However, I would suggest you splurge a little more (and this is a joke as this is not splurging at all) and get the new model Kinivo BTH240 for $24.99!  Let me just say that again, $24.99!!

In conclusion, I am not saying you should ditch your Beats headphones for these but you are not going to want to treat your beats IMG_20150721_210850headphones like you can the Kinivo BTH220!  I suggest everyone have a pair of these for the times you don’t want your $150 pair of headphones to be in jeopardy.  Trust me, the sound quality on these is great, the battery is one of the best I have experienced, and they are extremely durable!  $25 to take you music anywhere and not worry about battery life and damage.  THAT IS A STEAL!

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