How many times have you dropped your phone? How many times have you forgotten it on your car’s hood? How many times has your phone slipped, heart stoppingly from your hand? Well if your like me the answer to these questions is A LOT!!! I am truly one of the roughest tech users I know.  All of my tech experience real world tests, real life accidents, and on the job stress tests.

I wanted to have a case that was more secure than the generic cases that were on the market, but also not as bulky as some of the rugged cases out Pelicanthere.  I purchased the new iPhone 6s Plus a week after it was out! You know the feeling, a nice, shiny, expensive new phone that you are scared to even hold until you get a case on it (especially with my track record of phone bashing)!  Now I have used an otterbox defender case, but that wasn’t what I needed. Although the Otterbox offers great protection, it also adds too much bulk.  Plus,  I don’t like the attached plastic screen protectors.  I prefer tempered glass (see my review of the Zagg Tempered Glass).  So, begrudgingly, I went to my arch nemesis AT&T.  I knew they exclusively carry some Pelican products. I was in luck to have found a  Pelican iPhone 6S Plus Case. Pelican boasts of the military tested quality of their products, and this case is very deserving of the 10/10 on the Six10 scale.

Let’s discuss the quality of the Pelican iPhone 6S Plus Case.

Multiple layers of rigid polycarbonate and energy absorbing TPR and PU rubber protect your phone.  This case will handle any rugged drop that occurs while in use. Let’s be clear, you are buying a case for protection. You are buying THIS case because you are sometimes forgetful, clumsy, or even goofy.  This case has ports that close to help reduce exposure to dirt and dust. The rubber material has an amazing grip that you will certainly be pleased with. Just finished washing the dishes? No problem! Just grab your phone and go! The grip really is that good! The case comes with a plastic scratch resistant screen protector, I just pop that out. The experience will not be the same with the plastic screen, especially with the new interactive tough. Just get one of the glass Zagg screen protectors as it fits seamlessly in this case.

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