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Creating a memorable logo and brand is a powerful way to help your  business stand out in the minds of your customers.

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Project Description:

One of the first projects created for any web site build is the logo.  A logo portrays a company’s brand image, so it is important that it be exactly what the client envisions it being.  Most of the time, the client has no visual direction in mind for this design, so I will usually give a first run at a few samples and see if anything peaks their interest.  Now the easy designs are the ones where the client knows exactly what they want and we just transform their vision into design!

The picture to the left displays a sampling of some of our recent logos.  There are some logos that I can’t display here due to permission and licensing.  Most of this work will include graphics and images created for the Boy Scouts of America, for sole use by the Boy Scouts.  Should you wish to see any of this work, contact me direct through email.

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