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Working with James could not have been easier! He looked at the style of our product and created the website to match perfectly. He was extremely responsive to our requests, making changes almost immediately when we were under time constraints. We were unsure of what pages and information to include on the website, but because of his experience he knew exactly what needed to be included in order to make it look professional. All this, coupled with his very reasonable prices, has caused me to already recommend him and his services to many others!

Libby Rockaway

Author, Puppy Steps

Project Description:


Libby Rockaway is such an inspiration to so many!  She is only 17 years old and has written a book (Puppy Steps), trained forty dogs during her time in high school, and runs her own training class called “Kids and Canines”.  She has been training dogs since age 8 (when she joined the 4H dog club).

Libby’s book is becoming very popular and she needed a website to display information about it as well as have the item for sale.  On this site, you can follow Puppy Steps Facebook feed for recent news and activity, view a reading sample of the book, find out more about Libby, and purchase your copy of Puppy Steps!  Check it out at www.puppystepsbook.com

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