Boy Scouts of America, Blue Grass Council

Our website went from being a location to get basic information to being a tool for both the volunteers and the parents.  Instead of being hesitant to give out our web address, I am happy to direct people there now.


Derek Mallow, Executive - Boy Scouts of America

Project Description:

For years the Blue Grass Council website was confined to a 3 frame space that allowed for minimum design changes and very frustrating content management.  I was approached to fix this problem.  First course of action was surveying a group of adults volunteers to determine what they wanted to see in a new website.  After compiling the data, we moved the site to a new host and a new platform making it easy for any of the staff to jump in a quickly update information.  After several full staff trainings, the site was up and running on its own.  The website has been active for a couple years now and has received national awards for marketing excellence.  I have been contacted by several other Boy Scout Councils to consult with them on how to transition their websites to one like the Blue Grass Council.

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