First off, I want to mention the price of Ringke Fusion case.  You can get this case on Amazon for $10.99 with FREE SHIPPING!  Now that I have thrown that out there I imagine two things will happen, first you will have those that think an $11 case isn’t good enough for their phone (which I admittedly was such a person in the beginning), or second you will have those that will continue reading this article to see if it might make a good back up case.  My hope is that you will read on and find out more before deciding which of these you might be.  You just might be surprised!

Before purchasing this case, I also purchased the OEM Hard Shell Case, the Stilgut Leather Wallet Case, and a very nice leather pocket pouch designedIMG_20150618_192440 just like the old OEM pocket pouches. I paid $25 for the Hard Shell, $40 for the Stilgut, and $40 for the leather pouch.  After all these purchases, there was something that still didn’t click about my device protection.  The Hard Shell Case left the top, bottom and sides exposed only covering the corners.  The Stilgut covered the entire phone except for the top and bottom, but required flipping it open to operate. The pocket pouch looks and feels nice, protects the entire device while in the pouch, but you always have to have it out of the protection to use the phone.

So, after all this, I decided it couldn’t hurt to try the Ringke Fusion case.  How could I go wrong?  The price was just $10.99 and it never hurts to have a spare case!  My experience with the Rinke Fusion case exceeded my expectations by a mile!  The presentation of the packaging was very nice (they used eco-friendly packaging) and they included a couple extras.  First you get a screen protector included.  I can’t speak to the quality of the screen protector as I haven’t used it (I had already purchased Mr. Shield screen protectors).  Second, they include a nice card that is a template for you to print out and cut out your own back image for the case.   Remember the back of the case is clear, so whatever you stick behind your phone inside the case will show.  IMG_20150618_192451This is a very neat feature as the back of your phone can look like something different every day!  I don’t take advantage of this option as I like showing off the back of the Passport itself.

This case covers the back and all four sides of the phone.  The edge of the case is made of a TPU material and the back is hard plastic. The TPU on the sides is actually raised enough to give you a lip around the screen and keyboard so when you lay the phone face down it won’t touch the surface.  The power/lock key is covered, the volume rockers and play/pause button is covered, the headphone jack is open, the micro-usb charging port is open, the speakers have cutouts, and the camera has a cutout.   The overall feel of the phone is sturdier with the case, but it doesn’t take away from the design of the phone.  If I had to sum this description up, I would say that this is a stylish rugged case (if that makes any sense!).IMG_20150618_192500

I have tried taking the case off and using the pocket pouch or the hardshell, but neither of them give me the protection or the feel that I want on this device.  For some reason the Ringke Fusion case just works!  So there you have it, my best explanation of why I shrug off my $40 cases to use one that costs only $10.99!!  Don’t wait, click the link below and pick one of these up today!  As I said, if nothing else, keep it on hand to use when you know you will be working in a rough environment (cutting grass, going to the beach, etc).  You will be glad for the protection and you won’t worry about hurting the case!