When you think of the BlackBerry Passport you think of high quality, high class, and a true flagship premium device.  As much as one would love to leave it “naked” without a case, it is just too big of an investment to take that chance.  So, now that you have to cover it up with something, you need a case that is just as classy and worthy to be carried around with the Passport.  I think Stilgut has created the best possible solution!IMG_20150711_102410

The Stilgut leather flip case is the most elegant case I have found for the Passport.  Stilgut uses premium materials to protect your device.  They use a high quality calf leather in a variety of colors (mine is the cognac vintage) with a microfiber interior embossed with the Stilgut logo, hard plastic shell wrapped in leather to house the phone, and it is hand stitched with accent stitching.  You can immediately tell that it is a handcrafted case.

When opening the box you are instantly greeted with the real leather smell.  Installing the phone is as simple as dropping in the left side and pushing down on the right side, snapping it in simple and easy.  The IMG_20150711_102602thing you immediately appreciate is that there is a sleep wake function built into the cover.  Some reviewers say that the cover is too flimsy when opening but I actually appreciate that as when you fold the cover behind the phone it sits flat.  Both sides of the phone are covered.  The top and bottom are open, but the case extends far enough past the edges that there is no danger of the device touching anything when you sit it down.

In conclusion this is a premium case built from high quality materials with an attractive design that consists of attractive lines and stitching and even includes a cutout for the LED!  This case will look good being pulled from your suit pocket, sitting on the table during a meeting, or answering emails on the plane.  It is a true business class case.  I highly recommend it!


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