All right folks its D’Mal here with another everyday review. Remember the goal is to buy products and put them to the test to see how they hold up so I can give you an everyday review. Today I am doing a 6 month review on the invisible shield glass! This review will feature the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


Stock photo from ZAGG

So let’s start by asking this question: Why do you need a screen protector? Most people try to sell their phones when the newest iPhone comes out. This is not a bad thing at all, however, to get the maximum dollar value for your phone the screen should be scratch free. This requires an awesome screen protector. Most people buy a case that has screen protection built in and it looks crazy on the phone, you have air bubbles, and it doesn’t feel real at all. So after trying the ballistic case that includes the screen I had to find  much better alternative.

The invisible shield glass is a tempered glass screen protector. This screen protector provides a great, natural glass feel. You can’t tell that you are touching a screen protector at all. The screen responds well to the touch displaying no lag at all (which with some screen protectors there may be a slight delay as the screen is not touching the phone screen). The screen features an oil resistant nano coating that enables this awesome feel. The screen protector, unlike your iPhone, features a scratch resistant tempered glass.

Ok so your not into the specs or the tech of the screen protector, and probably could care less. So here is the quick version.  This screen protector is easy to apply! It features an easy application adhesive. The screen includes EZ tabs to make applying your screen easy and quick. Before installing this screen however wipe your phone down with alcohol on a cloth. Don’t submerge your phone! Don’t use to much! You want the cloth to be DAMP not soaked. Don’t worry alcohol dries fairly quick so don’t fret about that part. Now the other important part of this case is what? It’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If your glass ever gets worn or damaged, they will replace it for as long as you own your device.

The price of this screen originally was $35. At the time of this review, you can now get it for $22! Click the link below to get the screen protector or to read more about it. Lastly make sure you register it for your warranty. After all, who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty? Overall the Zagg Invisible Screen Glass has done very well for me. I am truly pleased with this screen protector. I have dropped my iPhone 6 so many times and the Zagg was there to protect me! Get yours today by clicking the link below. This is another everyday review by D-Mal from Six10Creative!

This product gets a 10/10 on the Six10 scale!

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